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  Kyodai Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd. is a reputable manufacturer in the field of mechanical engineering and automation. We process from machine parts to design and manufacture machinery systems and automatic production lines.

With a team of experienced and enthusiastic engineers who graduated from leading universities and colleges in Vietnam, Kyodai Precision Co. Ltd. confidently brings customers the best products and services.

About mechanical processing:
With modern CNC lathe and milling machines, we process precision machine parts from single to large quantities.
We can deal with many kinds of materials
from steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper…

About the design and manufacture of machines:
We accompany customers from initial concept, general modeling, price estimating and design finalization to production and assembly of finished products.

Company information:


- Established: 10/5/2018

- Capital: VND

- Representative: Tran Thanh Phong

- Head office: Songdo Building, 62A Pham Ngoc Thach St., Vo Thi Sau W., Dis. 3, Ho Chi Minh City

- Factory: No. 260/17B, Dong Thanh Quar., Tan Dong Hiep W., Di An City, Binh Duong Province

- Business Lines: Processing mechanical parts, designing and assembling automation machines

- Factory Area: 1300 ㎡

- Employees: 18 (Aug. 2023)

Core Ideologies:

- Serving the community with high quality products at reasonable prices.

- Honesty, integrity and always adhering to ethical standards in all aspects of business.

- Work hard and continuously improve yourself.

- Respect and encourage employee creativity.


For the law:
We always comply with the Law of the State in all activities.

For customers:
We provide diverse and quality products and services according to the requirements of customers
with the most competitive prices in the spirit of cooperation and honesty in all transactions.

For suppliers and partners:
We respect and deal equally with our suppliers and partners. We always cherish a long-term
cooperation relationship on the based on honesty, transparency and harmonization of interests.

Environmental protection:
We encourage saving energy and saving resources, reducing waste, increasing the use of
recycled products, contributing to realizing a carbon-free society, preventing global warming.
Comply with environmental laws and regulations, take precautions so as not to pollute the
environment. We strive to protect the environment.

We will build and maintain an environmental management system following ISO14001
in each department, and continuously improve the system to improve operational efficiency.

We will ensure that all company employees understand this environmental policy and strive to
raise environmental awareness through education, and we will review this policy on a regular
basis to ensure that this policy is properly maintained.